• me too. I severely lack desk space in the rebuilt house I find myself and its a bit overkill, I am downsizing following the mother of all declutters!

  • I put it on the community board for $3000 or offers BUT i am flexible on trades and offers and what have you which is broadly $1000 cheaper than a proper built Monome 512 currently advertised on the community spreadsheet... but I am happy to get combinations of 128 and 64s and Arc 2s and 4 and a bit of cash if necessary. Or even Aleph as I have a modular briefcase thing... I just lack desk space. I am not interested in trades for non monome hardware.

  • I may have a 256 so this is up for firm sale anywhere in the world

    Monome product trades are preferred, but that's the price if you want to buy.

  • Let's up some build porn

    Before anodizing it was made by machining from a single solid billet of aluminium on a 3. Axis miller, this took 2 days to actually cut, five tool changes and a lot of solidworks checking and rechecking...

    Wow I feel proud of this, maybe selling is stupid thing to do and I will regret it, but it's too big for me as a result it's not used as much, a waste.

    It's up on ebay but of course happier to trade or sell at a discount to community members.

    One tip for anyone mad enough to try this is get the cnc machine to drill 512 holes to... say 1mm smaller than the dimensions of your button holes then machine the squared holes as it is faster, better on the milling tool. Little tips like that can save one-off machining costs by quite a lot.

    2048 x 1536 - 430K
    2048 x 1536 - 615K
  • dang!

  • Down $500 to $2500 Will trade for monome gear, drop me an email.

    Ps I shall be in MO. So stateside shipping will be easy although I am shipping fedex so it is frankly all much of a muchness. let me know.

  • This has now been traded for a 256 and cash for an arc4
    Thank you