Looking for Advice on Arc App Idea: Chord Slider

  • Hey guys. I suck at max programming, so I figured I would ask if anyone knows if this has been partially implemented before.


    Play a chord on a midi keyboard, tap one of the arc wheels to remember this chord with Nslider.

    Once you have four chords, each one mapped to a wheel, you can slide (or Gliss) between them, by turning the arc wheels 100 or so degrees in either direction. each note sliding to the equivalent note order of the next chord. Ex: the 3rd moves to the 3rd, 5th to the 5th (assuming each chord is in root position).

    Anyway, obviously it would be ideal to be able to dictate where each note goes independently, thereby avoiding undesirable voice leading. but right now I'm just hoping I can get a basic slider thing going.

    The idea is to have tactile control and use it for live stuff / jamming.

    Any ideas ?