thank you

  • i’ve been blessed having several uninterrupted days experimenting with my monome & arc, rediscovering older & trying out more recent apps. i’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and show appreciation to the following people for creating interfaces & apps that continually inspire my composition processes:

    brian and kelli, for their creative vision in producing these beautiful boxes, long may their inventive work continue! one day i hope to upgrade to a one twenty eight.

    i understand max/msp at a simple level, however I can’t programme to save my life – my brain isn’t configured that way! so to those who designed & developed the following apps that i regularly rely upon & would be lost without:

    edward loveall for arpshift.

    tehn for tml, stretta and tenmen for the refactored tml035.

    stretta for grainstorm, polygome, portamentos, mabalhabla and for your inspirational videos – ‘soome’ is the reason I bought both the monome & arc.

    stephen ball for soyuz.

    galapagoose for updating apps with the latest serialosc.maxpat, a daunting & unfathomable task for myself.

  • I second that!