LINES feature request

  • Not sure how easy this would be to implement, but I would love a way to clear the contents of a buffer.

    On a related note, that noise blast on power on is super annoying. I often forget to turn down the pre when I power off and noise feedback gets trapped in the buffer when I power back on later. Not sure I would ever want to use my lines loopers live in case of accidental noise blast.

  • It would never put me off you using them but it's pretty annoying..

  • sure, it's easy to clear the buffer at startup in module code. (fill SDRAM with zeros.) earlier versions of lines did this, but i actually found the wait to be more annoying than the alternative. (it also caused issues with bees startup in some cases, which might be fixed now anyways.)

    if your scene recalls positions explicitly, so that the read phasor precedes the write phasor, it is never an issue...

  • BTW i just used aleph as a live looper for like 40 shows in a row. volume pedal.