• Maybe I missed something, but I don't get any MIDI signal sent out while using MIDI Note out. I am sending to a Roland USB MIDI Interface UM-ONE, and no signal appears. All I did was to send knob 0 with values from 0 to 127, channel 1 and a fixed velocity. When I turn the knob, nothing happens though. The interface works fine otherwise. Any idea? Also, I still don't get how I could send MIDI CC out although somebody pointed out once that it was possible. Thanks in advance!

  • Still no luck here, I tried to send a Metro with a value of 50 (as an example) into MOUT_Note Number, but nothing is arriving on the other side. No message at all actually. Anybody else tried?

  • indeed, i have used the note-output operator successfully. it may certainly have problems though. if you have a way of capturing the raw byte-stream that would be the best diagnostic tool. i have done basically the exact same thing you are describing, and get occasional stuck notes. the only other feedback i've had from anyone reports it working perfectly.

    there is no CC output operator. i probably said something to the effect that it is a very simple modification to expand the note-output operator to other message types, but best use of effort is to make sure the "driver" layer for midi i/o (in aleph/avr32_lib) is working properly first.

  • Thanks for your answer Ezra, I'll look into it and will report afterwards. If anybody else has had issues there please share!

  • i will test this as well, i recall having it work.