Ressources to help me drive RGB Leds with MIDI ?

  • Maybe someone here could help me...
    i'd like to drive RGB Leds with Live or M4L. My wish would be :
    128 notes ON/OFF for 128 Leds ON/OFF
    Velocities would change the colors. Basically the sort of circuitry that you'd fine inside of Push.

    Hardware i own :
    Arduino mega (? i need to check)
    Livid brain v2
    Doepfer MTC 64

    i should add that i bought Arduino and Rasberry by curiosity but never really used them.

    Many thanks for help.

  • Arduino or the livid brain would be the best way to go be the best way to go. The brain would need less programming and livid have an expansive wiki to help you get started. With that many RGB LEDs I think you're going to need some multiplexing though.

  • Thank you, i didn't know that the brain v2 could handle RGB Leds. From what i know i only outputs constant voltages so the color palette would be very small...