how do i fix effects of humidity on pads?

  • ok, so in the last week both my grids have started showing super weird behaviour.
    mainly the far right column of pads on my 128 keeps acting as if they've all been pressed (eg. using meadowphysics all rows keep jumping to the left)
    then progressively as you press other pads they trigger a whole bunch of random ones across the grid.

    - i recently moved into a new space which is very humid, i haven't got around to installing dehumidifers yet and i'm suspecting this is what is causing the problems (nothing else has changed in hard/software set-up)

    - does anyone have any tips for how i might remedy the effects that have already happened?


  • if this is a 2012-2013 edition 128, try loosening the screws on the bottom slightly. the wood may have expanded, put pressure on the screw mechanism to a point that it's touching one of the resistors.

    test in test_grid for maximum clarity.