Live with the Aleph

  • So here is a first extract of a live concert I did with painter/director Luc Perez at the Planetarium in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    I am using the Aleph and a Kurzweil KSP8 plus a grid, some faders and a MIDI pedalboard.

    Everything is going through the Aleph, although some of the effects I get come from extensive programmation on the KSP8.

    ==== Video ====

  • that sounds and looks awesome man! whats the aleph doing? looked like there's only outputs..

  • incredible!! any performances planned for the rest of this month in copenhagen or around denmark? i'm touring there for the next 3 weeks, would love to catch your live set!

  • Nothing sure yet, but I'll let you know for sure! Also, when/where are you playing, and under which name? Anyway let's catch up if you feel like it!

    Also I have two more extracts from another performance we did 3 weeks ago for my new album's release, and will put them up soon. Unfortunately you won't see the Aleph on those but it's in full time use, much more than in this extract! Basically these are scenes I have made up, and in here I am using the Waves module with a modified version of this: which uses a grid and actually no LFO.

  • I'm performing with this thing right now:

    we will play Frederiksberg on august 17 as well as Søborg on august 23. we will be in copenhagen city proper on august 18 and 19 with those days off! would be amazing to meet up with you for a coffee if you have time those days. i've got my aleph with me, doing some experiments in the nights after our shows….

    instantjuggler (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Here's a live recording I made with guitar, Aleph and loopers-- this is a version of the ambient guitar stuff I have been doing when I play out (which is not very often):

    And why not, a photo if it all in action.

  • @toaster beautiful work man, enjoyed that very much.

  • here's part of my set last night in Vancouver. 6u euro modular + the aleph running a custom scene. my third time playing out w/ the aleph and so far it's been great.

  • the sound quality
    the spacing
    each texture is so carefully released and i love it @analogue01
    [ sounds like you tape collage system is complete ]

    i know some of that is your skiff but what do i have to bribe you with to get that scene? even a sketch of the ops involved would be a fun departure point

  • thanks @gli!

    i'll probably share the scene once i do some studio recordings in the new year

    but off the top of my head: the scene picks a random number when the master clock/gate goes high, that goes to the BITS op and then all those triggers go through a network of LOGIC ops to be used as gate outputs and to trigger random changes to the two delay buffers. there's manual control over degree of randomness, feedback, crossfeed, and a wet/dry mix


  • more modular + aleph live action. this time a really nice recording of my set last month in montreal: