WAVES ModDel0 & ModDel1

  • Could anybody explain me what these ones do? They are not explained anywhere as far as I know, then of course I can hear their sweet effect and I understand they have something to do with modulation delay... Still, I would very much like to know more precisely how they work!

  • each inserts an N-sample delay into the relevant phase-modulation path. this makes feedback more fun

  • I get it, but then why values going from 0 to 0.9999 ? Should I see it as going from 0 to 9999 samples then?

  • hm, you're right, it's pretty arbitaray. the top 10 bits of the control value map to a number of samples between 0 and 1024. i didn't think this would be too meaningful to anyone so i made it a "unitless" quantity, like waveshape or many other things.

  • // waves.c:

    #define WAVES_PM_DEL_SAMPS 0x400

    //param_set.c :
    // set delay time in samples
    static inline void param_set_pm_del(int i, ParamValue v) {
    voice[i].modDelRdIdx = (voice[i].modDelWrIdx - (v>>6)) & WAVES_PM_DEL_SAMPS_1;