Live control / monome serial / win 7 / help / com ports

  • So I've been trying to figure out how to setup Live Control in ableton 9 . Looks like they haven't updated it for a while but anyways non of my monome com ports show up in abletons midi devices / when I try to open up monome serial I get a windows error. Does it hae to do with serial osc being I installed? I'd like to use both monome serial and new serial osc apps . I really want to use live control . I got seven up to work but it doesn't control as much ableton as I'd like. Can anyone help me figure this out I've spent hours I've also tried the other osc bridging app for windows called serial-pyro and set it up and no windows error but only com ports 4-8 are listed as options and wen I try to click that it tells me to use com 1&2 but they aren't listed in the app. So right now I feel super defeated . I wish live control was a serial osc app . I'm not badass enough to figure this out can anyone help me figure out a solution to use live control ?

  • Also can i use serial osc dev tools to use old monome apps that use monome serial? Haven't tried that yet...

  • monome bridge worked! i just had to uninstall serial osc... so simple
    ! thnx for the help ^____^