Serialosc won't connect to arduinome on fresh 10.9.4 install

  • I'm having a puzzling problem. I've got two machines with 10.9.4, one that was updated from a previous install and one that is a fresh, untouched 10.9.4 install with only the monome device installer on it.. Serialosc won't connect to my arduinomes on either.

    My arduinomes are based on teensy 2.0 ++ boards and are built into a single case, they've been working fine on both machines pre 10.9.4.

    The teensy is like the Arduino Uno and shows up as a modem.
    I can view both devices from terminal, they show up in /dev

    If I stop serialosc and the run the old arduinomeserial it will happily connect to the devices and I can use them fine.

    I also have a spare arduino duemilanove, if I flash this as an arduinome and plug it into either machine serialosc DOES connect to it and correctly spawns a process for this device.

    It's the older FTDI arduino and shows correctly as

    Anyone got any ideas? I've been googling pretty hard to usbmodem issues on 10.9.4 but can't find anything.
    I've had a look at libmonome code and it's correctly expecting a tty.usbmodem pattern which is what I'm seeing.

    I'm stumped.

  • bump!
    I've tried 10.10 now too.
    Anyone here using 10.9.4 or 10.10 with a uno based arduinome and serialosc?

  • OK so I fixed this by recompiling serialosc from source and installing it.
    Why did this help?

    I guess the serialosc on github is newer than the one in the monome installer?
    Or it's some kind of permissions problem that installing manually fixes.