16 second delay scene BETA

  • Hey gang,

    thought I'd share a scene I've been working on while I teach myself bees. it's not perfect and I still need to tweak some things before I post it to the sharing wiki, but I thought the forum might want to play around with it.

    the exercise was to approximate the old 80s EHX 16 second delay.

    have fun :)

    enc0 - delay time
    enc1 - feedback
    enc2 - wet level
    enc3 - dry level

    sw4 - infinite
    sw5 - [nothing for now]
    sw6 - reverse
    sw7 - slow

    cv0 - clock out
    cv1-3 - random trigger outs

    EDIT: grab the newest version further down in the thread

  • holy shit, thanks! will try this later tonight and get back to you.

  • a couple things: it gets pretty glitchy when you start messing with reverse and infinite, since the reverse is less than perfect. also when you toggle infinite off it resets the feedback to around -5 (just save a different value to preset 000 if you want to change that). i need to change it so it toggles back to whatever the encoder value is.

    also planning a bypass switch (maybe) and cv trigger inputs.

  • awesome, will try this out today (funny i was looking for one of those EHX pedals on ebay recently)

  • looking




    to trying this



  • aw bummer, id made it all spaced so they were diagonal and it didn't post it properly..

  • @bkinsman lol

    @duncan_speakman looking for an original one? I wish I had one. they are really expensive now and way hard to find. the reissue ehx did is a lot different.

    anyway I need to change how the infinite switch works. my way is needlessly complicated, so if it's acting weird that's why :)

  • okay here's a version with a much smoother infinite switch. don't know what I was thinking before. use this one and ignore what I said above.

    would love to have sw5 clear the buffer, but don't think there's a way to do that

  • noticing that the clock will just stop occasionally, not sure why

  • thanks @analogue01 !!! this is the most fun i've had with my aleph since skitter!!!!!

  • cheers @JayGilligan

    happy you got something out of it! :)

  • I'd be really interested to hear from anyone using the analog triggers. personally I keep changing the speed the clock runs in relation to the delay time. would sw5 stepping through some clock divisions be useful?

  • @analogue01 Had sometime with the latest sixteen-delay scene last night, paired with my Eurorack. I think I had triggers going to a Maths function, Optomix strike, and Tyme Sefari Clock-In. Clock Divisions would be useful... as well as a buffer erase option.

    Excellent scene!

  • @mrdave1981 thanks! that sounds awesome. I've been using the triggers to my quadra and to drive a sequencer. clock divisions should be no problem, but since i only have one switch free it'll have to be used to step through a list of different options.

  • I also found a glitch when you set delay to max. will fix

    plus considering adding cv inputs too

  • @analogue01 thought that "glitch" was an intended feature. :)

  • haha let's call it an "unintended feature"

  • I'm really enjoying this. Got it loaded onto the card and tested it out this morning before work. Love the reverse button. Inspiring. I've got tomorrow and Tuesday off so I'll be spending some more time with this for sure.

    And yes, CV inputs would be fun.

  • Oh, and THANKS for sharing...

  • I definitely need to work on a cv-in version, but cv-in is such a headache in lines I've been putting it off... still it would be great

  • neat scene!

    OP-1 audio input.
    clock out going into a Delptronics Trigger Man.
    cv 1-3 trigger outs going into a Z8000.

    yes...CV input would be crazy awesome!

  • completely forgot to try this until today

  • I need to revisit this, too... spruce things up

    good thing I posted here or it would have been lost to the great sd card crushing of 2014

  • lots of sweet spots

    gonna try to tweak it to my purposes or at least rebuild it for bees practice

  • out of curiosity
    how do you clear the buffer?

  • I don't think there's an easy way to clear the buffer. Just turn the feedback down and wait... I think I asked about buffer clearing once and it would have to be added to lines code (maybe?)... unless there's a way idk about

  • yeah that'd have to be added to lines code. it's actually an interesting idea to me though -- would certainly cause audio dropouts though (it's a lot of memory to access in 1/48000 of a second). you can do something like this in real time by turning down pre-level (feedback) for the loop duration – this way you can be filling up the buffer with new material while clearing it. i use this a lot for my aleph performance patch. works particularly well if you have the inputs muted to the main outs, then hard cut into the new loop recording you (blindly) made.

  • yeah thats what i actually meant

    even if its blind i'd like to know when i'm re-filling the buffer

  • I'm pretty happy w/ it as is for live stuff, but clearing the buffer would be super handy when recording. i used to do that all the time w/ my el capistan in loop mode: you can just double tap to wipe the buffer if the loop isn't syncing up nice or you don't like the idea etc... get a lot of ideas recorded fast... also would be nice to clear the noise when I forget to power off the aleph w/ the feedback down

    side note: i haven't liked any results using the pre parameter. routing a delay line to itself always sounds more natural to my ears

  • hrmm.. the only difference with pre vs delx_delx is that the latter is processed by the filters before being reprinted. i find pre is useful when you actually want to make a loop that doesn't degrade with repeated passes. this is essentially the same as using delx_delx with dry at 0db & wet at -inf.

    that being said, when using as a delay, it's generally nice to have a little filtering, at least to knock of the super highs.