Moog Moogerfoogers (LowPass & FreqBox & rackmount kit)

  • Hi,

    I have two immaculate Moog Moogerfoogers.
    -MF-101 LowPass
    -MF-107 FreqBox
    -Rackmount Kit

    I bought these recently and thought I would use them more, but they've just been sitting.
    They've only seen a few hours of use... :P

    I want to trade for some gear. I lurhve me some midi.

    They havent been registered with Moog, so you get a 2-year warranty when registered online.

    They are wrapped in plastic, in original packaging, with a/c adapters. No scuffs or scratches.

    I'll post some pictures later. :)

    really, if you have any gear that's close in value that you dont use, just let me know, I'm not really expecting anything specific, just seeing what's out there. I can supplement with cash, and expect the same if there is a big difference in value.

    if interested, email me:
    dknuth0101 (at) gmail (dot) com