white whale!

  • i hope varibrightness isn´t required.

  • Parc concept would be my guess as well...

    Would make me happy, cuz that's one of my favorite patches.

  • me too. such a good patch!

  • Yeah, will certainly buy one!

  • few years ago i made this drawing:
    we are all going back into the belly of the whale...


    forgive me: just killing time.

    640 x 478 - 96K
  • @Tehn

    When can the announcement be expected? Q3/Q4?

  • While this looks really great it makes me a bit sad that the Aleph seems to have been forgotten a bit? Nothing new on github for about 3 months now and still so many broken things in Bees. Hope we get some kind of announcement or at least a timeframe of development soon?

  • agreed, whilst i am very excited by this module this is the reason i bought an aleph in the first place..hopefully they'll surprise us

  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I need to be spending less money, not more money!

  • .......)(.....

  • 2pm EST. still making the content look right. ah.

  • yes-- i regret the slow action on the aleph and i apologize. we're about to shift back onto it. trent has some new DSP that's just about ready to share, and i've been negotiating the fix-list for some time now.

  • great to hear the update :) thanks @tehn

    trent has thrown himself at dsp? exciting!
    now i've got the toolchain set-up i'm really interested in exploring DSP stuff myself, but not really sure where/how to start.. is the best thing to get a 'learning C' type guide? or is there something better suited to this world? (my knowledge is limited to basic javascript and lots of maxmsp, but don't think either of those are that useful)

  • thanks for the update on the aleph, @tehn! looking forward to whatever you have in the pipeline there.

    regarding the white whale: don't make the page look too pretty. it's surely great already. i am in bangkok at the moment, and 2pm est will be 1am tomorrow for me. i'm getting too old for this kind of stuff during the work week... :-)

  • good lord... NEXT LEVEL!

  • y'all are pesky

  • A little concerned about the crazy power consumption... if they set up external power scheme, it probably will be quite problematic in a full case scenario. Maybe not though?
    Am curious about this external 5V supply DIY kit.
    Exciting nevertheless!
    Cool that the sequences are running even when grid is disconnected! Hopefully this is in non-volatile memory that will be saved even on power down of the system.

  • what??!! all i see is a password protection! need.more.infos.now!!11! :)

  • power is ok, don't worry. hold on for details.

  • no, we are not pesky, its the password thats pesky:-)

  • oh, good to hear about the power! :-)

    holding on.

  • please alert me to the brokens.

  • ohhhh sad webserver.

  • will a 2011 64 work ok? is the only difference for 64s 8 steps instead of 16?

  • see this:

    8 steps, yes. also 8 pitches in the pitch map instead of 16, given the horizontal mapping scheme.

    generally navigation will take longer to learn because there are less visual cues.

  • i need this, lovely! any chance for a european dealer, schneiders laden?

  • you'll have to contact them directly and get them to talk to us. analoghaven ships internationally in the meantime.

  • Sorry if this has been answered anywhere, but does the module itself retain all the settings when the grid is disconnected, AFTER powering down the euro case?

  • ah. got the prelim outline for the manual up. it describes the full functionality. video tutorials coming very soon to demo all of these.


  • yes indeed. internal flash memory banks (8 of them) can have the entire state saved-- all 16 patterns, scales, etc. the unit remembers the last saved preset and loads it immediately upon powerup.

  • That is fantastic! Thank you, Tehn.
    Ordered from Control Voltage, can't wait to explore! :-)

  • how many units in the initial run?

  • 1. Is it possible to use the WW with the building kit models of monome?
    2. Is it possible to daisy chain two 64 building kit models?

  • it'll work with kits. i'll be releasing an mk firmware update this week to fix the varibright issue (incompatibility with sum)

  • so it's not really clear from the grid comparison video, but would my 2011 walnut grid which has 4 brightness levels be able to pick up the missing information that the other mono-bright grids do not?

    also the "alt" key mapping - presume this is dynamic? ie will i still have the alt+other key functions on a 64 that you get on the 128...

  • Question about the triggers:
    If for example three steps are selected in one of the four bottom rows, will the output send three triggers (one per step) or one gate that is three steps long? Or is this user selectable? Is this what in the manual is referred as "trigger choices"?

  • i can't seem to be able to order from analogue heaven..im in europe...

  • alt key mapping for the 64 is moved to the corner. the cv edit selects are shrunk. everything else works as expected.

  • analogue haven might be taking a day off?

    re: triggers. "trigger choice" mode per step is enabled by holding alt and touch the step. the steps in this row go dim. when the play head hits this step one of the selected triggers is chosen at random.

    there's no facility to change the trigger length. it's always 50% duty the clock time.

  • ok cool. i think i'm in then

    thanks :)

  • the 2011 should look right with the vari bright. i need to find one of my 2011 units, ackk. i can always tune the firmware if there's an issue.

  • yeah was thinking it might just be a small tweak if there was anything off.

    OK! now to break the piggy bank. thanks for building this! it's pretty much exactly what i've always wanted.

  • this is awesome news

    cant wait for the arc-focused module now!