aleph inputs kaput..

  • they're pretty distorted, if anything makes input's 1 or 2 clip they don't work until i reset and cold boot it, they'll work for a little while but sound distorted with hardly any led activity metering then die again..
    i have tried flashing it with a kg version of bees with nothing but the defaults, checked the input swtch but no love and the issue is persistent, thoughts?

  • my input 1 been kaput for a while due to the signal in clipping, there was a flash/pop sound and input 1 was dead after that. Have not send it back for repair yet though, but did contacted brian with the problem. I would say do get in touch with them and they should be able to sort out the issue.

  • bummer, it's a long way from australia to america, postage isn't gonna be cheap...

  • there's a chance your dsp modules are corrupted, so i'd make sure you grab a fresh copy of the zip from github. sorry if you've already tried this, but i've experienced a corrupt dsp file causing similar audio effects early on.

    the first time this happened was it in response to a loud signal or pressing the gain switch or any physical change or movement? we've not been able to investigate a unit with the symptom so can't be too certain what the problem might be..

  • Yeah I have tried that. It seems that it was and is triggered by loud signals, I maybe pressed the gain knob accidently whilst something was plugged in. Is pressed in an attenuated or boosted signal? Pretty sure that I usually have it out. I'll troubleshoot a little further as it appears to affect inputs 1 & 2, is there anything further I can do apart from holding the menu button and reloading bees?

  • so the firmware somehow gets corrupted? you can't just power-cycle?

  • Even after a clean boot the inputs are a littler fuzzy sounding, led activity for the metering is next to none apart from red when it clips and then noting until I turn the inputs way down or reboot

  • ok so i can confirm that the audio goes very very faint and fuzzy after a clip,, prior to that there is a fairy bit of distortion, issue is still occurring after a clean load of bees from github and is persistent with multiple sound sources (i started testing wight them turned way down and they're still distorted)

  • --nvm sorry---

  • attempting alt sd card, if that fails I'm right in assuming that it's a hardware fault?
    how and where would i ship this back for assessment/repair?

  • still the same problem, the left input pot makes some noises when you rotate it and makes the input clip when no sound is played, once the left input dies the right one does too, however, the left will start working again (it sounds very distorted) if you turn it all the way down but will clip again if you turn past halfway

  • @galapagoose @tehn thoughts guys? If I need to ship this to you I'd like to do so before Friday

  • hey ben-- just e-mailed you. sorry for the delay!