anyone making cases for monomes?

  • remember those nice felt ones that were floating around a few years back? anyone making them?
    or anything else that you would recommend apart from a cd wallet?

  • Hey there.
    I stopped making them a few years back but I do have an extra one that is designed for an original walnut 64 if that's what you happen to need. It would be too loose on all the subsequent 64 revisions though.

  • Thanks for the reply man! It was yours I was ogling! I'm after one for a 64 & 128 tho so matching..

  • Hey @mapmap, would you have a picture and a price for that case. Just got a walnut 64 from 2011 which I believe should be the "original" size, right?

  • @myecholalia
    Nope, the 2011 models are quite a bit thinner than the original 64

    Here is a photo of the original 128 cover with the 64 in the lower center photo

  • that's one thing i miss about the grayscale series. i used to throw them in my bag. now i carefully place them wrapped in bubble wrap. it'd be nice to have a protective sleeve.

  • you sure you don't want to make anymore @mapmap ?

  • any chance i can get the pattern if you have one?