FS (OT): Buchla Lightning midi controller with 2 wands

  • I'm selling my original Buchla Lightning midi controller, hand made by Don Buchla himself in 1991. This comes with two controller wands from 1998. Don gave this particular unit a tune-up (new batteries, etc) in 2004. This machine is in great shape, works perfectly, and is a piece of electronic music history.

    I have it up on eBay for $3,21.00, but any offer considered. Mention this post and I'll give the offer special consideration. I'd much rather it go to someone who will use it rather than someone who will just turn around and sell it. (Free shipping to the lower 48.)

    I know there are a lot of options for wireless controllers these days, but this one is from the mind of Don Buchla and can do things nothing else can.


    The full photo set is here:


    640 x 402 - 91K