FS: Doepfer A-100 MNT PS

  • Final EDIT: SOLD! Scottwilson from the forums here bought it. I doubt he would pitch his own products but he wanted it to develop for the nw2s, an awesome looking eurorack system. http://nw2s.net/product/nw2s-b/

    Inserted photos.

    1536 x 2048 - 897K
    2048 x 1536 - 786K
    1536 x 2048 - 978K
  • Bump!

    I'm reducing this to $350. Pay your own shipping. Also if you're a first time monome-r I'll also do a video chat with you to help you get everything set up and working as you'd expect.

  • Decided to put some other things I'm selling into this list:
    I'm also selling my Doepfer A-100 MNT Power Supply + AC Adapter. I bought it thinking I would build a tiny Eurorack until I had more money but immediately upgraded to a Tip-Top Happy Ending Kit because I bought more modules than expected. As such, it's never been used... bought both for $75 originally so looking for $55 or best offer (that means you can make an offer and we can talk it out). Check it out on eBay:

    PM me or aaronjchamberlain (at) gmail (dot) com

  • boy. was that 5 years ago!

  • Was it haha? No more like 4. I bought it a year before I left, was gone 2 years, and now back 1... But yeah. I never finished it for some reason, I ended up spending all my money on camera equipment for work.

  • One last bump before I just let eBay take it over. I reduced the price all the way down to $280, shipping included.

  • such a difficult market just now. really is. I wouldn't even advise ebay just now, shit prices there too.

  • Do you know if eBay still takes a cut if I take down the listing? But I feel ya.

  • I can only assume they will, really unsure but a quick google search would clear that up. Sorry to hear about the bike.

  • wow! that's more like it!