Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

  • New company by my friend Peter Blasser, who also did ciat-lonbarde(plumbutter, cocoquantus, etc.), and shbobo(shnth):

    It's pretty exciting to see both and him get into euro rack stuff. Soon, it'll be a thrill to see their hardware working alongside each other in people's racks.
    (I'm a weird guy: no plans to buy anything whatsoever, my future is in DSP fx over live instruments, but I get excited when people I know and friends figure out a really good time to venture out into something new as well as introduce a product from that adventure expediently. I guess I'm just here to appreciate their synchronicity. Synchronicity is the source of all the greatest art in my humble opinion.)

  • This is very cool -- thanks, Raja.

  • ive watched that video a couple of times now to see if they'd be any use to me...i still don't see what they actually do apart from make interesting patterns and farts. also they've gotta be some of the ugliest panels i've ever seen, hope someone greyscale's em!

  • @raja you're not weird at all...i'm not likely going to buy any IFM (yet) but its a pretty big deal that Peter is dipping his toes into euro now.

    @bkinsman these modules make more "sense" if you read this:

    then again maybe not

  • yeah the blog is a treasure trove i check regularly ever since i saw his essay on tuning...its a great read and each post is such a fascinating glimpse into his world and way of thinking

    to comment on the hypocrisy of aesthetics in relation to personal taste: i'm comfortable admitting my biases and so i too laughed when i read @bkinsman 's wish for greyscale panels. for different reasons than you

    monomes got my attn based on sheer beauty (until i understood what they were capable of, what thinking prompted the hardware & app design, how i might use em)

    blasser earned my love in a much more circuitous manner

    1st exposure was a link from rodrigo which led me to the one of the ugliest websites i'd ever seen. i recoiled in horror while navigating the old CL site and completely wrote the company off when i saw the prices. seemed like a scam and i wasnt terribly interested in synthesis at the time (tho the pdf about paper circuits intrigued my inner nerd)

    2nd contact was probably the article on shnths that CDM ran last spring. i didnt make the connection between shbobo and ciat lonbarde but distinctly remember being skeptical about a tiny balsa wood synth w/ 8 keys. couldnt imagine why anybody would need or want one of em

    harder to pinpoint my next encounter but i somehow learned more about peter and his theories on materials, UI, and sound itself. discovering that his workshop was less than 30mi from my house definitely broke down any resistance i had left

    ordered a shnth last year which i loved enough to eventually get a tetrax (and now i'm super psyched about the forthcoming tocante series)

    i'd be surprised if someone was immediately drawn to peter's interface designs and layout...its not for everybody

    but the sounds and build quality are top notch despite the untraditional methods