help with a bees patch - getting dynamic clock divisions/multiplications

  • okay, so I've been working on some aleph trigger sequencers. so far it's been great, but I've been having trouble achieving clock divisions/multiplications that I can easily trigger

    for example, I would love to use a switch to step through a list of different clock divisions in real time. right now I'm doing ENC value to a math op like DIV then to a METRO period and stepping through preset values of DIV B

    BUT the DIV op needs value A to change in order to output a new value, so the clock divisions wont register until I also change the ENC value

    any way around this? any better way to achieve clock division changes? all thoughts appreciated

  • you can make DIV update on an input to B if you set TRIG to 1.


    So many little things to learn, so rewarding :)