mavericks, set up and associated headaches/mlrv standalone

  • Hi all, i bit the bullet and downloaded mavericks.......
    1. Had to reinstall using galapagooses download all in one package.
    2. in various apps, including the standalone mldv i select my sound card and no sound, and then every time I try and select say core audio built in output, it defaults to 'none'.
    3. in all the other mlrv versions my sound card isn't listed at, its a roland capture

    Any suggestions?

  • Thanks @RajaTheResidentPoser

    Thanks for reply mate, none of these folders exist anywhere on my mac?

  • mlrv doesn't recognise my monome at all, nor does monome-test and i have to keep rebooting for it to receive it? same issue with the audio. Bloomin mavericks......should of just left it. Still not being technologically minded or particularly computer literate after years of using monomes, I get so discouraged as it seems every time I have time to make music I spend all my time dealing with issues that prevent the device from working?

  • ha ah thanks mate. They moving on to state parks next....yosemite. Listen, nothing like this:

    User/Library/Preferences/Monome_Sum Preferences Folder
    User/Library/Preferences/MLRv Preferences Folder

    appears in the preferences folder? same thing in the mlrv standalone app, cannot select audio output? and when i do it defaults to none?

  • Will try that mate, thanks. If I delete the cycling 74 folder won't that muck everything up? Still don't understand why the standalone doesn't work

  • There's a graphics bug with the mlrv driver dropdown where it doesnt correctly display the selected driver or certain drivers may not be shown at all. If u select coreaudio it shows "none", but it should still work. Does for me at least.

  • thanks both. @raja yeah dude yosemite is real.....LOL
    @elquinto - seemed to magically spring into action? anyways, its working and I am a happy bunny, thanks