Anyone using Aleph with Elektron gear?

  • After years of resisting, I'm finally being seduced by Elektron. I'm especially interested in their sampler and new drum machine. Are any monomers into this stuff?

  • ha yes, not really using the OT much in this video, but yes, really love it. Octatrack + Aleph is a perfect combo for me.

  • How do you like to use them together? Do you sample to Aleph in to OT or use Aleph as an effects unit on the outs of the sampler? Or as a send and return?

    It seems like should even be possible to have a MIDI feedback loop between the two, and have each device control the other in interesting ways.

  • second option would be nice, but as the Aleph doesn't have USB hub support you have to choose between using grid or midi :( and hotplugging of the grid is still really flakey
    I tend to use it more as a realtime processor (which is sometimes sampled by the OT), and also sometimes just run the OT send/return through my entire pedal/aleph rig.