We Need Nothing to Collide

  • Following on from my previous midi/visual experiments (see http://monome.org/community/discussion/17346/ ) I wanted to share with you guys another visual piece that's been keeping me busy for a fair while.

    This one is a collaboration with friends Russ Chimes & Clay Weishaar for Russ' song We Need Nothing to Collide. No monome in the final video but a bit featured in the second vid where I'm playing the thing live. I like to think of these experiments as kind of 'visual instruments'. More simply, they're openFrameworks apps driven by MIDI notes and CC values.

  • i'm blown away! this is too good!!!

  • awesome work mark

  • great work.
    thanks for sharing!

  • thanks guys! :)

  • Seriously impressive. I dig! How on earth did you get the interior of that house to light up as the little stripes pass by??

  • @eos i was wondering the same thing

    my guess is that there must be some kind of mask layer/filter dimming the whole image and the stripes slice thru to reveal the brighter background

    super cool effects in these tho!

  • @eos @gli no trickery there, the house is white painted inside so i think it's just reflecting the light a lot. also the camera exposure is always changing automatically to try and adjust to how much light is in frame which can give a delayed 'dimming' effect overall.

  • wait
    so those were real light-stripes?

  • @gli it's simply a nice bright projector hooked up to the app you see in the second video. and shot just after sunset.

  • breath taking!