Windows monome users

  • I'd like to get a collection of who uses moonome with windows, might help when people (like myself) run into issues. Would also help me to see if there are settings or whatnot that cause issues with serialosc.

  • hi shimoda, i'm on win7

  • pauk, any chance you could post your conf file that I might see if there are any differences? I cannot get serialosc to see my monome despite it loading a service/process when I plug the device in. Could you check your task manager and see if you have two serialosc processes going when you have one monome plugged in?

    Would really appreciate it, thanks!

  • Do you suggest changing the port in the conf file and seeing what happens? I assumed that serialosc was picking the port, though I know the maxpat randomly generates a port to use with UDP each time.

    edit: I manually changed the port = to 17000 just to see if anything happened. No change. Also the port assignment for the mk changed because I manually removed all com ports and started fresh.

    do you have the conf file on mac?

  • Raja,

    interesting, you have several different ports set by the application. It seems that none of your conf files have the osc_prefix set to /monome like mine. example:

    server {
    port = 12254
    application {
    osc_prefix = "/box1"
    host = ""
    port = 57120
    device {
    rotation = 0

    I wonder if the prefix is set when the device connects to an app. I also wonder why the ports for mine are always the same: 8000. Perhaps this has something to do with it.

    I also noticed you have an m128-### serial and a m####### device. Are either of these mk kits? Otherwise the conf files look the same, as would be expected really.

  • I looked into the static patch as well as the one you did raja but neither seem like they would work now.

  • Can't help much but noticed that Grainstorm is using the prefix /monome .