• I really want to try this app but I cannot connect grid and arc to it.
    It seems that it can just run with Stretta's gear.
    Is there a special thing to do ?

  • found a solution:
    replace serialosc.maxpat with the one from BEAP

    ...but I don't have any led feedback.Don't know what to do...

  • hi nitefish,

    i'm having the same issue, would love to see this fixed/updated, along with tml refactored updated with the latest serialosc.maxpat, one of my favourite most used apps.

    sorry, i'm of no help :)

  • I found a strange trick to use tml-refactored :

    I open tml-25,connect it to my grid and arc,then I shut down everything and finally open and connect tml-35.
    If I don't do that,I have the prefix of the last opened app in the connection boxes.
    25 and 35 seem to have the same prefix...
    Pretty sure that there is a more regular way to fix those things...

  • hi nitefish, thanks for your response, that's exactly the workaround i'm using. would be great to have it updated though with maybe a 'reverse audio' button' on one of the unused rows, here's hoping!

  • Do you know offhand if the app takes advantage of per-led variable brightness? (if so, does your monome support that feature? most of them don't, and backwards compatibility isn't automatic, so the usual symptom is "no LED feedback")

  • @GreaterThanZero:
    I'm not sure about that,but on the Stretta video-demo I don't see any vb work...