• just getting around to plugging mine in.

    does any light come on at all at startup on the white whale? i'm not getting any clues of operation at all from mine?

    my meadowphysics module, i get a yellow light.

    neither one responds to my 128. i am using a powered walnut edition, orange leds. tried a couple different usb cables, no response, monome just continues on in 'life' mode.

    modules are in a doepfer G6 with the newer power supply.

    any ideas?

  • Remember they both need to be plugged in a rail that has the 5V enabled...
    Not every rail in the case has that on.

  • ok, i guess i need to figure out my case, i thought the 5v was only necessary if you are powering your monome via usb.

  • the module itself needs a little 5v, the monome needs a ton of 5v. check out pittsburgh modular for affordable/ok PSU with 5v. or there are some adapters to stick in that will convert to 5v.

  • it looks like your PSU does not have a 5v rail.

    check out the freelunch adapter, that might do it for ya.

  • you'd be better off going a make noise or mutable instruments 5v adapter, they're both switching and generate no heat

  • that's good to know @bkinsman, make noise stuff is top notch quality.

  • ok. thanks all.

  • Before buying the extra adapters, you should just look into your case documentation, because chances are that you have a rail that has the 5V on it already...