midi keyboard recommendations

  • hi guys,

    it's been a while!

    just wondering if anyone has recommendations for midi keyboards?
    looking for at least 49 keys extra controls are nice but not essential.

    whatchoo got?


  • akai mpk 49 is really nice. buttons knobs pads are quality. and a built in arp.

  • i'm using an edirol pcr-500 i got on ebay for ~$100. i like it much more than my previous keyboard (e-mu xboard49). only downside is that to use with iOS devices, u need an external power supply or powered usb hub.

  • got an mpk61, really nice controller.

  • nektar lx49 is very nice. the keys are unweighted (though they look weighted) but still feel very nice to play on.

    especially for the price it's pretty hard to go wrong with imo.