SOLD: snazzy fx ArdCore eurorack unit

  • Now Sold

    Incredibly versatile eurorack module, can be programmed to be filters, cv units,

    With its built in USB port, CV ins, Gate outs, DAC outs and CLOCK in, you have everything you need to begin experimenting with programming, or simply browsing the library of over 55 included programs, each of which turns the ARDCORE into a completely different module!

    Not really had time to use it. Looking to swap perhaps for a GS64 or 64 or what have you got

    Bought last year from post modular

  • And Sold.
    White Whale here I come.

  • @awaiting. deletion

    I ordered my White whale from and the owner stated it as
    (cough cough ($100 for customs charges))

    well amazing with your old 512 :) and my 256 with the meadowphysics = my new dubby drug!!


  • You cannot know how good that makes me feel. Srsly

  • @awaiting.deletion.. that's cool and makes me smile too

    I hope you enjoy the whale when it arrives and the es3 you kindly sold me has welcomely started my euro madness :)

    Peace m

  • The White whale has completely changed what I want from a eurorack, I looked at a lot of the boutique cards and thought, hold on, I can make more from less space. Moving to skiff format working hard to make the most of less rather than less of more. I am starting from scratch.

    I live everything smaller now. Glad the 512 is doing it for you. Eurorack is madness but a lot can be made from kits.

    Year zero.

    1600 x 1200 - 605K
  • That looks so amazing clive, do you have any useful links for a similar design?

    What's the timber you used ?

    I'm loving the white whale and having endless fun with it. recording can wait :)

    Less is a good idea for me too but the old analog's are unfortunately like children to me :)

    i've outgrown my euro case already so looked at a pittsburgh rack today funnily enough

    hope your skiff adventure is full of more madness hehe


  • This is walnut. I did not build this but bought from the lovely folk at me me antenna in NJ, made by Lio+Linn (

    When painting canvases, sometimes I just reasess a work in progress and say "this is not right, this is not working" and I scrape off the paint, leave it to dry, re gesso or spray a new foundation coat and have another go...

    We are all a work in progress

  • @ awaiting.deletion

    In my work life the following phrases are inputted every day I check peoples building progress:

    work in progress is phrase 1

    phrase 2 is nearing completion

    phrase 3 is totally completed

    In my life its always progress also and someone else can input me as " totally completed" when the time comes :)

    lioandlinn turntable/mixer stand desire has just kicked right in!!!


  • "[awaiting.deletion]"