preset routing headaches

  • anyone else played around with preset routing? I'm finding it really buggy. maybe I'm missing something, but every time I recall a saved routing the connection just disappears instead. never had this problem with saving preset values.

    also naming presets seems buggy, too. occasionally scrolling to a new character in a preset name will cause a lot of random characters to appear. also the preset names don't seem to be displaying properly for me when scrolling through presets in the input or output pages except when the names are numbers.

  • I think the option to save routing in presets disappeared in 0.5 ? (or earlier, can't remember)
    maybe it will return :)
    There's quite a few display refresh bugs - I just found a new one where if i change a value using a switch (and I've set it to 'show' ) then it comes up twice in the display.. it wasn't doing this, I chose to hide another value and then it started happening. not a biggy just weird.

  • "I think the option to save routing in presets disappeared in 0.5"

    oh no! I didn't realize that. it's still in the tutorial, that's why I was messing around with it. hope it comes back.

    yeah, I get other display bugs too. Really not a huge deal. just thought I'd point it out while I was here. :)

  • "I think the option to save routing in presets disappeared in 0.5"

    not so

  • can you provide a scene file that doesn't work?

  • here's one i just made. on bees-0.6.0 but i think it will work on 0.5.x as well.

    uses newly renamed waves.ldr (attachment includes the whole dir tree from the card)

    enc0 output is routed to waveshape when sw0 is held, tuning when released:
    enc0 routing is stored in presets 0, 1
    sw0 is routed to PRESET/READ

  • sorry, my mistake, i had some weird memory of trying it after one of the bees updates and it just not giving me the option to store..obviously not (still looking forward to deltas though!)

  • you can try out the deltas in the debug build from the posted file, if you like.

  • i think i junked the scene i was working on. i was just trying to get a switch to change the type of logic being used to process incoming cv triggers. i'll see if i can get it working again and post if not