airport security

  • flying in two weeks and i'll have extensive time to tinker with bees if i take my monomes w/ me. grids & arcs might be easier to explain but i'm not quite sure i want the hassle of describing the aleph to airport people

    quite a few threads have good ideas for those travelling with monome gear, however, they all predate newer (stranger?) devices like aleph, whitewhale, etc

    so who has actually taken a flight with aleph? how did you get thru? were there any major problems?

  • should be no problem. these no longer look any form of hand-made. "dj gear" is very common.

    enjoy your travels!

  • thanks

    dunno why i didnt think of that...i'll just say its a mixer if i have to give a simple answer

  • i've flown around europe with it a bit, been totally fine. (though i find it always helps if it's in a flight case of some kind with other kit, stuffing equipment in socks at the bottom of bags usually ends up in searches) -

    actually I do have a question for @tehn about flying with an Aleph though, is there a serial number on it somewhere I haven't found? When I travel outside Europe I usually have to fill out a customs manifest (to prove I'm not coming back with it and not exporting) and for this I have to put serial numbers down.

  • thanks for the feedback

    no serial # one these @duncan_speakman
    i was curious about that a while ago

  • my favourite was recently going through hong kong airport and the young kid doing bag search asking "this a dj panel?", "yeah", "oh, cool dj!". then closed my bag and ushered me along.

  • ha lol

    so none of ya'll using the cnc box? or you just make sure to have it out for inspection when the time comes...

  • There's a great Laurie Anderson story about security on ' the ugly one with the jewels ' where she talks about having to turn on keyboards and fx units for guards and the preset displays would come up with things like 'atom smasher', so she had to do various impromptu 'concerts' in interrogation rooms

  • you should make a scene that just auto-plays a nice melody in case they ask you to turn it on. i travel with eurorack sometimes and occasionally i'll be asked to make it play sounds. other than that i've never had problems (knock on wood). i hear horror stories all the time of random gear getting confiscated :(

  • everything is a "drum machine" and that works.

    that said, i get swabbed 25% of the time. i'm usually carrying more gear than a dj needs.. or the disassembly hardware probably is what sets them off.

  • @pixelale and i went to NOLA with ours in about 2012 which were both in gaff tape and cardboard box cases. we made sure that we had a test patch of mlr on our laptop available for quick access incase. no one asked anything, one dude wanted to try it out even!

  • I always make my modded Korg Monotribe on hand luggage... sometimes I am asked to take it out and turn it on, but no more than someone with an odd looking laptop.

    and this has holes drilled in it, wires poking out, I can only imagine what it looks like on the xray...

  • Eurorack modulars have been more difficult to fly with than my grid in my experience.

    A TSA agent told me he was jealous of my DSI Tempest once.

  • Yeah, in comparison to modular cases, grids do seem quite tame from the traveling perspective... ;-)