meadowphysics for m4l and/or expert sleepers hardware

  • Hi,
    yesterday i thought i´d like to try to port meadowphysics to maxforlive and somehow i think i succeeded.
    so far it runs nice to the transport of live, there´s some stuff left to do, for instance i lost the div. function and sometimes the trigger is off the first beat, which is kind of nice, because this way things can get offbeat and onbeat with a single buttonpress in an interesting way.

    anyway, i´m not really knowing what i´m doing here, so here´s a video where i adress the expet sleepers hardware to send out the triggers from meadowphysics to the modular. this is not a musical statement and my video skills are almost as good (read: bad) as my max/msp skills.

    and a screenshot:

    i´ll try to come up with a version, where the first four rows send out triggers and the other four channels sends out the four cc´s as cv for the modular.

    i´m doing this for my own amusement but if anyone thinks this could be usefull for him let me know and i´ll post the amxd files but please be aware that this is a dirty hack.

  • I was wondering how I could do a 4 row version for using my CV pal with Meadowphysics. it was on my long term project list.

    This was not using Live (dont have M4L), but I would be definitely interested in this.

  • What would be the advantage to using M4L vs teletype MIDI? Or CVpal vs the euro module?

  • CV pal can do 4x triggers as part of a wide range of applications, so it is in effect a scaled down White Whale or Meadowphysics although with the requirement that a computer is used and you only have 4 outs.

    I think avoiding Teletype MIDI means you can get Meadow physics to go straight into Live, avoiding the 'middleware' of teletype, but for CVpal and Ableton, you will need to enter the MIDI domain at some point, so unless you use M4L & Expert sleepers, you will need some degree of digital trigger > MIDI note on > CV trigger.

    I'm new to all this, So maybe herrreinholt can give a better idea of how he/she has configured it.

  • hi,
    maybe i´m wrong but i could´t find a way to midi sync teletype to ableton´s tempo and transport. that was one reason why i tried to fit in m4l, the other reason was, that i wanted to have the 8 triggers on the expert sleepers hardwares outputs, so i used the es max external, where i can address all outputs separately. i don´t have a full max version, only m4l.