aleph and javascript

  • Is a javascript engine (like V8) something that could be supported on the Aleph?
    It would be handy to use C for performance-critical stuff and a scripting language for everything else.

  • man that would be crazy. There isn't an OS on the Aleph in a traditional sense, so I doubt you could recode the entire JS language to run on this.

  • Not as impossible as you might think, @c1t1zen. Compiling doesn't take place on the aleph itself, so one could write a compiler that interprets JS. Where would all the low level information go though in the highly dynamic JS.. ?

    But I actually really have no idea what i'm talking about..

  • i would like to do a fork of this with wrappers for aleph-specific stuff. but too many other things to do first:

    it is a Lua interpreter that is designed for AVR32 parts.

    a FORTRAN interpreter would also be plausible.
    a Scheme interpreter might be.

    i'm sure there are other lightweight interpreters that could provide scripting around the aleph "OS."

    i really doubt a javascript engine is one of them though. (the beaglebone node.js project, with similar aims, is pretty ugly, and that's a much more powerful part with a full linux stack.)

    Lua remains most attractive to me; it is modern, fast, and relatively well-supported on baremetal avr.