Problem with USB connectivity

  • I have a 2011 128 grayscale grid. I find that if the USB cable is unplugged or I quit MaxMSP I often have to reset the computer to get the grid to communicate again.

    For example if I'm running Pages and unplug the USB then plug it back in the grid doesn't connect. Even if I quit and relaunch Pages. Is there any solution to this? I'm on OS-X 10.6.8

  • I should mention that I am running this with the airport turned off

  • is this a problem that you've always had, or a recent change?

    just to double-check that you are running serialosc and not the old monomeserial?

    and finally make sure you've got the newest serialosc.maxpat installed, which are available here:

    you'll need the zeroconf version for pages.

  • Installed latest serialosc and that seems to have solved it. thanks!