Sold:(ebay) Autobot Eurorack based Roland 3030 Bassline Sequencer clone

  • Sold currently sell at 320 euros Selling for £189...


    The is a real beaut... you get classic 303-style sequencing with slide and accent parameters that can be set for each set note but it is much more friendly to use and has six different operational modes. The sequences can be saved in 12 banks with each 8 patterns. In Pattern-Play mode you can chain adjacent patterns from one bank. By copy and past copying paterns is easy, also copying into other banks.

    Other features allow you to edit accents and slides in real time while the sequencer is running; you have different pattern lengths, two types of shuffle with 4 setting each, different clock dividers (in 4/4bar mode only). The roll function makes it possible to shift the start point of the sequence which is very handy when the perfect bass line just doesn´t fit to the rhythm: just shift the sequence instead of re-programming it.

    I decided White Whale will be my Sequencer when I am going into Eurorack land... so this is up for grabs. I things its good form to have a hardware sequencer in your arsenal, but I am trimming back and getting filters, and stuff as kits to build myself.

    800 x 800 - 150K
    1359 x 2048 - 832K