Help with led intensity + sequencer position bar

  • Hey,
    can anybody point me to something (existing patch) that would help me dealing with a low intensity column showing a sequencer's position while some leds remain lit at full intensity ?

    Thanks !!

  • In fact any rhythm step sequencer would be great.
    i haven't mess around with max and monome protocol for a while....

    i am working on a new project and i need to build a fairly simple 12-track rhythm step sequencer. 12 rows with toggles and a position indicator. Top 4 rows would be functions like mutes and pattern selection. Any help would be lovely !

  • Got exactly that working on my sequencer patch (still in the works!), it's pretty complex but I can send you some subpatches or explain how I did it :) see here:

    I basically always send the intensity values along for each step, then have a sub patch that converts the intensities to 1 or 0 if the "varibright" option is disabled by the user.

  • Oh, it's in M4L but should be pretty much the same in Max... I don't think I've used M4L exclusive objects.

  • Nice, i've seen your videos and i was frustrated not to be able to download your patches !
    i'll pm you my e-mail.


    ok, I'll get you into beta-testing asap haha

  • hi Anangel Argonaut! could you send it to me also :)

  • Ok, since this could be of general interest I'll also upload it here... :) Keep in mind it's not the whole patch, just the playhead!

    Make sure to open up both subpatchers “get_selected_step” and load the sequence files or it won’t work.

  • thanx! :)