FS: ebay synthwerks eurorack force sensing modules fsr-4c/b

  • http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SYNTHWERKS-FSR-4C-B-QUAD-FORCE-SENSING-RESISTOR-W-1-5-034-SENSORS-EURORACK-MODULE-/181564204603?

    Arrival of my white whale has caused me to concentrate less on input and sequencing more on actual sound production and filters and so on, hence a wee clear out. Hardly used. Well actually only used once... Great little devices for force sensitive trigger events which the monome is no good at, but it's more than I need really.

    Complete with ribbon cables

    This video gives a hint of what it can be used for: http://youtu.be/kx3VBDl557s

    The FSR-4C/B is the first in an upcoming series of FSR combo modules based on the Force Sensing Resistor Controler Core, the FSR-4C. In the FSR-4C/B combo module, this core is paired with the FSR-4B Large Format Sensor array. This provides a larger playing surface that is more confortable for some to use. With the use of rubber pad overlays, the FSR-4B can also be played with drumsticks and other objects.


    Current Consumption: 90 mA
    Panel size FSR-4C: 16HP
    Panel size FSR-4B: 21HP

    518 x 334 - 51K
    680 x 1024 - 252K