working deltas !

  • Hi,

    After having an issue with my Aleph I sent it back to Brian and got it fixed super fast - heads up, once again Monome has proven super reliable and I am really grateful about it.

    Anyway my unit was sent back with Bees 0.6 so I just tried the Delta thing and great news - it works really well!
    Only thing you'll have to figure out is how, and if need be I'll put a small tutorial by the end of the week. Nothing complicated but I must say I got puzzled at first. Whatever, this was probably my number one wish, although I have many more now. Got to rewrite all my patches from scratch, but I have them on paper so it shouldn't be that long. Thanks Brian, Ezra and everybody contributing here, this is one very nice update!!

  • it's actually simple, the delta sends -1 or +1. You need to multiply it by the step value you want (nothing to do with the step size of the encoders) and send it to an Accum_inc. Accum_val will give you the proper value in the end. Easy to check with a Bars object, it woks perfectly and I could easily use one knob to send 4 different values without losing them on the way.

  • ah-- that's not a final 0.6 by the way-- we added way more.

  • yeah, don't get attached to any scenes you save with that. it has a compatibility bug with 0.5.x , i just pushed the fix.

  • No worries guys, I thought about it and am waiting just like everybody else. Still, that was good news - and mostly my Aleph works perfect again, thanks Brian!