Aleph white whale setup?

  • Started using build .60 today. Trying to get white whale configured to send CV and trigger/gates from CV0-CV3 to modular. I did successfully get note out of CVA and B [though I don't believe i had them scaled properly] but couldn't get triggers to work. Anyone have a scene they could share so I could take a look at a correct operator routing for this functionality?

  • for CV you'll need to multiply by 8 for 1v/oct scaling

    for triggers you'll need to multiply by 32767 (max) as they're likely just sending 0/1 to the CV which is a tiny tiny voltage.

  • Great! multiply is working as expected... now I have a question on getting triggers out of CV0-CV3.

    If I use a TOG operator I get a trig on every other output, not on each step. What operators would I use to get a steady output on every step? I've been playing with GATE and LOGIC with no success. Can't seem to get the CV value to return to 0 after rising to 32627. It just holds at that value.

  • Make sure the trig on your MUL op is set to 1

  • when MUL Trig is set to 1 I get 0 - 32627 - 0 - 32627 out of the TOG operator, but it is for every other step not each step. how would I get the TOG to return immediately to the resting state so that the next step would send out the full value trigger? ...I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

  • so it looks like this topic was discuss before... is this the most streamlined approach?

  • oh I see the problem: WW only ever outputs 1and never 0

    that's annoying... hmmm... there must be an easier way to do it


    can you get there by slewing the cv outs?

  • Not sure about slewing. @galapagoose do you have a recommended approach for the trigs?

  • exchanged emails with Brian. He is looking into whether there is a bug with the WW operator.

  • the issue is that the clock input on the WW needs a 1/0 alternation to signal the up/down of the triggers. try metro -> toggle -> ww.clock

  • excellent! metro -> toggle -> ww.clock working perfect. Thank you!