production collaboration thread thingy!

  • is anyone interested in internet collaboration to craft some tunes?
    i work in ableton live 9 but that shouldn't matter too much since we can bounce stems across DAW's.
    i'm into creating synth+beat-driven/dnb/hiphop/breaks/minimal/progressive/techno/house/funk stuff if that matters.
    i don't have any social media thingy's to share at the moment but note that i put a lot of effort in my work and will appreciate your time if you desire to collaborate!
    feel free to message me or post here if you are interested. cheers!

    (ps. sorry if this thread is inappropriate, not sure? feel free to delete it if it's out of place for some reason).

  • just want to chime in and say it's totally appropriate- hope you find folks to work with!

  • I would love to contribute in anyway this is what has been happening with me musically lately

    I'm releasing compilation tapes of bits and pieces of my ciat-lonbarde excursions

    I would love to provide raw sounds/process pieces or anything else

  • oh, this is the cool kids' club.

    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, ... oh.... they probably don't want me .....

    (And I don't have much time as I'm working on my first album, but'd love to collaborate. How about spring of 2015 ?)

  • truthfully, i'm shocked there hasnt been an open collab thread like this before

  • I'm down! I'm on Live 9 too.

    I'm fairly new to the world of electronics and their possibilities, but I've been a musician my whole life, primarily a drummer. I make 99% of the samples I use, I've got some pretty interesting sounds.

  • I'm interested. Is a good platform to use together?

  • @clint_dodsson - messaged

    @declutter - i have no experience with it seems to require dropbox? there are services where large batches of stems can be transferred without having to signup or pay.

  • in.

    I have a couple of half finished tracks if anyone wants to annihilate one.

  • everyone has been messaged. thanks so much people! at the moment i am loaded with opportunity and unable to take on anymore. definitely still post here if you want to collaborate with me or anyone else.

  • Evenin!

    I sent some stems over to away message. If anyone else is interested, give me a shout.

  • I'd be down. been writing so much 'commercial' stuff lately that i've been ignoring my own voice. looks like a good opportunity to reconnect :)

  • @misk if that was for me, drop me a message with your email address

  • @misk – where abouts in bk are you? I'd love to collab w/ someone local :)

  • I'm keen to do some collaboration with someone, or remixing of each other's work. PM me if interested...