serial osc / another ftdi device

  • hi all, ive been out of here for awhile, i wonder if there was ever a fix to the cpu spikes issue that occurred with sosc 1.2 and another ftdi device on mac?


  • we're still on 1.2 so unfortunately i don't think its been fixed.

  • ok, thanks for the answer never the less,

  • yes, i've seen this recently and will be looking back into it with renewed effort.

  • bumping this, this issue is bounding me to os 10.8 which in turn due to appleĀ“s dirty policy of not letting you installing an older os on a new computer bounds me to my current compuer...which is also not getting any younger! if im the only one affected by this issue? i would very much like to contribute to the effort of fixing this, cant really program anything else but max nevertheless i can offer extensive testing and beer money

  • this has entered top-priority state (along with some serialosc updates) and will be heartily addressed this coming week. i apologize for the delay and perpetual false starts.

    yosemite has introduced various other issues, hence this needs to be fixed fully.

  • ok, this is great to hear, i stay put then... thanks!

  • ugh, first steps have proven this is going to be annoying thanks to apple.

    we'll get there.

  • just wondering, do you guys aim on yosemite compatibility or will this also work with 10.9? (i dont mind to upgrade, just wanna prepare myself)

  • 10.9 will be supported.

    but this brings about the issue of forced upgrades being more or less inevitable, unless you're perfectly settled with a hardware/software combination.