so... Downloaded an evaluation copy of Max 7...

  • @raja
    everything you are explaining in your 14 nov' post is working,thanks.
    but when I open,for example, Meadowphysics with 7,I don't have the serialosc box to connect my 64...

  • yeah the offset thing is an issue we have to cleanup. stretta insisted that we set the offset to 0,0 as it makes more sense for new programmers.

    unfortunately this means we need to update the suite of apps on the wiki which is no small feat. we've penciled time next week to do a big wiki slog and get everything up to date- apologies we were taken slightly off guard by the release and have other jobs that are very pressing at the moment.

    in the meantime raja's suggestion is perfect. just change the bpatchers offset to 0,0 and you should see the patch display inside.

  • thx @raja this tipp helps a lot:

    another way to edit the visual offset is open up the bpatcher's inspector, and go to the 'offset' field, and you can try typing something like "12. 0." in that field(x, y offset) and it should show(if you don't see any fields easily in an inspector within max7, just go under the 'All' tab)...

  • @Raja and @Galapagoose - good point with serialsoc.maxpat - one of the first things i changed, just kinda natural to the point where i didn't think to even mention it to anyone.

    "Serialosc is gone!".... "oh yeaaaahh..." done.

    @naburo - good one - that seems like it'd be easier initially to change the suite of available monome patches/apps, but ultimately would do more harm than good, when the offset is natively changed to 0,0.

    @galapagoose @tehn are you guys working with c74 to make this happen in a future update? if not then i suppose we could just drop them a message about a later update with the offset fixed.

    honestly, it's sad to say that I didn't really dig into BEAP properly until it was so readily accessible in max 7. really incredible patches.

  • now to translate all the BEAP modules into m4l patches that can be modularly placed in live racks :D

  • we've been in contact with c74 to get serialosc.maxpat included at all! unfortunately we've been requested to update our patches to the 0,0 offset and not really in a position to force our (admittedly unnecessary) offset onto them.

    this will get done in the next few days if all goes to plan.

  • honestly the 0,0 offset is a good move. you type "serialosc" and it just pops up.

    our legacy issue just means a bit of work. if anyone wants to help out, particularly if you wrote an application on the wiki, do please update it and reupload-- and indicate max7 on the page.

  • just an fyi. the version that is tracked and included in each max7 release is available here on github:

    i'll update the wiki to point here when updating the old patches.

    @raja - out of curiosity why do you have an audio button in your sosc?
    oh and this above version includes the 'broadcasting' element. it doesn't quite let you grab a list of currently open patches, but it will report this data to a 'routing' patch (like smallbatch or quadrants) that requests it.

  • will there be blood?

  • good gum that PB app looks slick
    I'm thinking I may need to take the max 7 plunge at some point in the near future

    guys on a serious note (but I'm saying it in a sarcastic voice whilst still being serious) my wrists really hurt they won't appreciate the re-ruining by way of all night programming sessions. just what do you guys do to keep your wrists so functional?

  • i couldn't resist and started my trial today. i have one major gripe- ui compatibility. most max5/6 apps i've tried are horribly messed up in max 7. panels default to white border. colors are sometimes different. umenu has a triangle now that can't be disabled. bpatchers aren't clickable with the click-through option. hopefully these things get fixed in later updates.

  • mmh, the more i read here, the more i'm getting interested in max7. do you guys know if there will be some special upgrade deals coming on black friday / cyber monday?

  • does someone tried to install max7 on 10.6.8? on system requirements page they say 10.7 but i am not read for upgrading right now...

  • @igormpc i have

    it should work but there will be no official support if yu have issues
    check the c74 forum on this (pretty sure there's a thread about it compatibility)

  • Now in Max7 my serial.osc bpatch isnt showing up using 0. 12. as offset. I have to change offset to -60. -70 to get the bpatch to show up. Anyone know why this might have recently changed?

    I am also not sure why I have 3x serialosc running in activity monitor, but thats for another day..

  • thanks Raja, the offset thing seems a bit weird as I had dutifully changed all the existing patches to the 0. 12. offset, but good to know my serialosc is behaving as normal.