Apps in 2014 that are still ok for splitting zone and managing multi apps

  • Hello there, hello fantastics programmers !
    I've recently bought a Monome 128 (2008 edition). I'm completely in love with this gear. I'm on OSX 10.7.5, Live 9 and Max MSP 6.1.9.
    I would like to know what are the apps compatibles with my monome 128, and if there were good apps to let me split my monome 128 and let me running several apps at the same time.

    I plan to use my monome in both area : triggering clip and scene on Live 9 for example, and triggering videos on Processing.
    I've heard about hub app, but this app seems to be discontinued.
    Help welcome !


  • I assume you're using serialosc (which would be right), so all monomeserial (deprecated) apps are not directly compatible..
    But unfortunately, even within serialosc apps, it's not easy distinguishable which apps are compatible, but not because of your hardware (there are just few apps of recent years which make use of variable brightness, something only newer models have), but because there were some changes in the mechanism how monomes are detected.. Mostly you should be able to fix it by deleting the serialosc.maxpat in each app folder, and have an current version in the correct max/patches folder as described in the setup instructions..

    Definitely check the app called Pages, it does all you want and more. (even making monomeserial apps work if you would wish so). Check it out.

  • Pages is GREAT! also I've got an app called isonome 128 up here that splits a 128 into a 4x4 drum rack and an isomorphic keyboard (much like the push). It allows for changing keys and 8 different modes in real-time.

    The app/patch i'd recommend above all others for splitting grids would be SmallBatch by Galapagoose.

    it's kind of the shit :)

  • +1 for pages

  • So all of you think that Pages will be convenient for my needs ?
    Does it deserve my two uses (live and processing) or do i have to install other apps with Pages ?

    Yesterday, i've started to install Page, but it's really a pain in the a** to configure for a new comer…
    Is it true that i must change the serialosc.maxpat (may 2014) to the one called serialosc Zero Config, in order to install Pages correctly ?

    Do you have installed Page correctly on a a same config (OSX 10.7.5 , Live and Processing ? )

    to misk : will have a look on small batch ! Smell good ! thanks !
    to 100p : thanks for your advise


  • smallbatch not working for me on windows7, cant find the right path to apps...

  • i'd also recommend pages. it has its own pattern recorders for every app you create a page for, which is crazy.

  • You know what ? I've finally succeeded in configuring Pages and it works.
    The dogs bollocks ! Huge app, you were right…