need help with teletype/meadowphysics

  • Hi guys,

    i'm pretty new to monome.
    i own a 128 greyscale and would like to get teletype-synth and meadowphysics running
    the problem is that meadowphysics works with max runtime 5 and teletype on max runtime 6
    can't get it work together
    the synth works when i trigger it with the mouse
    as well meadowphysics is connected to the monome

    would really appreciate your help



  • load them both with runtime 6. should work.

  • meadowphysics doens't show the connect button under runtime 6

  • what am i doing wrong?

  • install max 6 full version.

    get serialosc.maxpat and copy it into max 6/patches

  • ok well i had max 6.1.7 before and this was apparently the problem.
    i installed 6.0.4 and now it works fine!
    thank you!