Monome to midi gear modular

  • Using the Doepfer mini case (suggested in another thread as possibly the smallest case) i have these modules selected:

    I have 4hp left in the case, and was not sure if i need to have a power switch module in there, or if i can fill it with a fun dual kick or another clock modifier.

    Any advice on this setup?

  • My advice would be to buy a 6u case and fill it with modules for use with the monome modules. What are you going to do with all those WW/MP gates otherwise? These modules are designed for eurorack. Not midi. Go with that.

  • The 4ms Row Power 40 seems like a good fit for what you're planning – 4hp wide and might be enough to power the two monome modules without having to use an Ext5v...

  • Thanks guys, definitely some good stuff to think about.

    oootini -- I have a Telemark and MicroBrute that will work straight away with it. My other units won't though -- I have a couple of other synths/recorders with a workflow that fits for me, which is why I would like the ability to include them in the setup via midi.

    That said, I think you have a really good point and its something that I've been struggling with. I have definitely been busy on modularGrid exploring possibilites.... =/

    Curiously, I wonder what the MeadowPhysics CV triggers translate to as midi, (through the A192-2)?

  • Note on messages?

  • A192-2 looks like it would work well with the WW. MP makes less sense in a midi context, although I'm not terribly familiar with it. Because midi ties the note value and the note on/off message together, the midified WW won't be as flexible as it is with regular eurorack stuff.

  • MP is just triggers, so yes it hardly translates inti MMIDI workd, as that carries no pitch, velocity or duration info. Of course, triggers are effectively defined by some values, but they would all be few milliseconds, velocity 127/0 with likely 127 pitch... :-)

    On the other hand WW would be much more useful in MIDI applications.

  • Yes something like NoteOn messages, but what channel, what note? -- need to be able to configure these.

    @laborcamp @oootini I think you may be mistaken there. MP could work very well with MIDI. Just need the right setup.

    For instance I am looking at the Alesis Trigger IO. If I can take these triggers straight to midi and configure the note/channel on the device (which it seems it's made for), then it becomes easy to trigger a hardware drum machine. Which is very much a good implementation of the MP module in my setup.

    What I'm trying to figure out now is how the TriggerIO (or drum triggers in general) actually work. They are made for drums, so how would they handle 8 channels of MP triggering at high speed and at the same time?

    This is a simple setup that is really cost effective for me, as I already have the MIDI synths drum machines.

    There is also the A-192-1 which may be much more suitable for a MP->Drum machine setup. I have heard that the A-192-1 can be easily overloaded, however if you are only sending pulseInfo times 8 (half the channels), its probably a lighter load than ENV/CV/Pluse times 16 (full channel load).

    MP -> triggerbox or A-192-1 -> midi drum machine
    WW -> a-192-2 -> midi synths

    Does anyone have any experience with a drum Trigger box or the Doepfer A-192-1?

  • 192-1 is for cv>cc no? Not triggers..

  • No, It can send NoteOn too, configurable in the preset creation software.

    However I've read a thread where there were complaints of signal bleed from 1 input to the surrounding inputs. =/ ...hmm

    @chapelier fou it would be great to hear your comments on this module or an alternatives (Alesis Trigger IO)

  • I have the Trigger IO and it works well with modular triggers. I haven't used it in a while and when I did it was to trigger samples in Ableton, so not sure how tight it will be with a hardware drum machine, for instance.

    And yes, you can configure note/channel for each trigger and save that configuration. Pretty sure it translates the trigger level to velocity too, so if you add a dual VCA you could probably use the A/B CVs on WW to control velocity for 2 of the notes.

  • A quick note on trigger to midi (based on my experiments) :

    A 192-2 is not reliable. It is indeed able to send note ON messages, which seems ok for drum triggering. But in the real world, i found it inconsistent and massively buggy, especially with the trigger riot. It's been sending notes out of several outputs at the same time, etc. Also it changes the velocity according to the incoming voltage, which can be nice, but in my case, with all the parasites, it made everything worse.

    The Trigger io, on the other hand, although no inside the modular, is working great !
    i found myself soldering my own cables, using one of these and cutting the connectors at one end to replace them with two mini jacks for each.

  • Thanks guys for the input and tips! That exactly what I was hoping to hear. It makes me feel a lot better about trying out the TriggerIO. Very helpful stuff!

    I like that snakeCable! Soldering the monome grid kit together will be enough for me though! I'll get ready made patch cables for the TriggerIO. Haha :)

    I'd love to see some videos of your trigger setups in action, if you guys have any around.

    @oootini I will probably take your advice and go for a larger case, so I can expand later if I want. I'm looking at the Happy Ending Kit which it says has 1000ma of power.
    Which should be enough to power my 1 monome (600ma) plus the 200ma of modules I have for now? Later on I'll get ext5v put together and then I can get more modules.

    On a side note, I was checking out the mutable instruments Frames module and it looks like so much fun..... I think i'll be spending all my free $$ on modular stuff soon.. but not yet!

    Thanks a lot everyone for the help!

  • I almost posted a video of Trigger IO and grid in action yesterday but it was too blurry, I'll try to have another go later tonight. Also worth taking a look is the new Alesis SampleRack (I don't think it's actually out yet) which looks to be like the Trigger IO but with its own sample player. Judging from the manual it should still convert triggers to MIDI so could be a nice replacement for the Trigger IO and it's tempting to have a simple sample player to try ideas quick:

    Re: Happy Ending Kit - it's simply a combo of Z-ears and rails and the uZeus power supply, you could just get the ears and rails and pick a different power supply. If you're planning to power your grid you will definitely need a different power supply, like the aforementioned 4ms row, as uZeus only has 170mA available for +5v (you have to make sure to add -12v/+12v/5v voltages separately!) 4ms is $50 more but I would not try and save money on the power supply for sure. You'll need row40 not row30 as the latter only provides 500mA for 5v. But maybe check what else is out there, there are many different options available for power.

    Frames looks great but you would need a pretty big system to make it shine IMO...

  • @polyoptics, the HEK only provides 170mA at +5V, so you're going to need the ext5V from the start.

  • Ahh yes I see that now. It's still a little confusing for me with the voltages. I have to constantly remind myself to be aware of that.

    I will def get the HEK ears/rails with the RowPower40 power supply. I like the chain-able setup and I don't want to accidentally under power anything.

    Looking forward to that video @a_scanner_darkly

    Thanks guys.

  • posted a video in the latest tracks/videos thread. you can see the Alesis in the right bottom corner - the display shows MIDI notes that are triggered.

  • Thanks for that @a_scanner_darkly -- I see sometimes there is quite a bit of fast moving data and it seems to keep up just fine.
    I like the game of life setup too, you have some really nice subtle wind chimey action going on there. Makes me really curious about future modules for monome :)
    I have to admit, I was itching to see the Machinedrum get in on the mix!

    On a side note, I've been looking at sample modules. The upcoming SampleSlicer module by Jan Willem, looks like a lot of fun with its 16 step sequencer. As well as the amazing Phonogene that lets you punch your own slices in.

  • Just for a conclusion here, I did finish my grid kit, and my mini modular setup with a couple of additions. Here is a pic and a link to my first track with it all:

    2448 x 2448 - 851K
  • Looking good! Phonogene and White Whale should make for a great combo.