grid into ipad?

  • hi friends. long time no see.

    i'm finally getting out of "working all the time" mode and working on music again, and was wondering, has anyone managed to go directly from grid into ipad, without a full-fledged computer?

    i've noticed that the new apogee duets have a usb midi input, and was thinking about plugging in a grid that way, but i suspect i'd need to rewrite the firmware (or replace the ftdi chip) to be class-compliant?

    if anyone's managed to pull it off some other way, i'd love to hear about it.


  • wow, man. good to see you again. i don't think anyone has pulled this off yet unfortunately. (you're right it would require class compliance) i've wondered though if it might be possible to code something like serialosc into an app and have it work that way…

    edit- or maybe a build little box that could convert the serial to midi and transmit over Bluetooth LE?

  • I'm wary of using BTLE for live performances, but a box to go from FTDI serial to USB class compliant MIDI seems to be a decent way. probably the most sane way, really, since cutting and jumping the surface mount chips seems like a horrible idea.