• i was messing w/ nanoloop recently and vaguely recall that there was a similar sequencer planned for aleph at some point...did that morph into MP? or was it shelved/put on the backburner for other projects?

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    but i've heard nothing more. i'm not sure what a nanoloop-ish interface would even look like on the aleph. i've played with it on touchscreen devices but honestly, not something i need.

    still necessary to fill out framework for populating blackfin RAM with samples via SPI. then lines module becomes viable sample-tracker engine and you use MP+screen ops(?), or a custom app.

    i guess i should put sample support higher on my priority list.

    which is:
    right now i am making bees editor run on mac when i have access to one (rare), this hopefully will just take one more session.

    and when i am mobile (constantly) i am running linux and currently working on updating aleph/bfin_lib and aleph/dsp with buffered audio framework. that'll be the next major update for aleph from my end of DSP work. more to follow from there: polyphonic stuff, interpolated buffer access, and FFT.

    i think with all the stuff that exists now i'm ready to leave further UI and control app development in the hands of others, focusing on the blackfin side.

  • rad

    this all popped into my mind after watching a few performances by this guy simon mattisson

    made for an interesting tangent this weekend

  • So gutted I sold my 2.x... but I always felt that I didn't sequence nanoloop, it sequenced me.

  • thx for sharing that video. very cool.