Norelco Mori Podcast

  • Hi folks,

    I'm writing today to introduce you to Norelco Mori, my cassette-based experimental music podcast.

    If you are unfamiliar, yes, I did say cassettes. Independent music is alive and well and artists and musicians regularly use this medium for distributing their works. It is a cheap, quick and accessible option for those of us that release music individually and prefer tangible formats. There are an astounding amount of masterful works and uniquely raw recordings the likes of which you will never find on a Spotify or competing streaming service. And rightly so. Cassettes encourage, if not, demand uninterrupted listening. The idea of an album with a well thought out track order may not exist in today's culture of digital music on demand, but on tape it thrives. There has been a bit of a resurgence in this format as of late but the fact is, cassettes never went anywhere. They've always been a staple in underground music. But you probably knew that.

    With the Norelco Mori podcast, my aim is to share this incredible music with people all over the world and podcasting lets me do just that. In the last 3 months alone I've been in touch with music fans, artists and labels from across the globe. I certainly don't make any money from this, but if you hear something you like and wind up a fan of something new, then I consider that to be a positive.

    So if you like weird music of all varietals, check out the show. You can subscribe via iTunes (or your favorite podcast app, I prefer Overcast and Castro) by searching for Norelco Mori or head over to to stream right from the site. Episodes are about an hour long and I record them almost weekly. When I think of it, I also throw most new episodes up on Soundcloud.

    If you're already a listener, you may (or hopefully) may not have noticed my current setup could use a tune up. To help out with some infrastructure upgrades, I've set up a little IndieGoGo campaign for the show. If you'd like to help out, please follow this link to contribute:

    That said, I'm not really here for financial gain, rather I'd like to invite you to submit your own tapes for the show. Please get in touch if you're interested.

    Thanks for listening.

  • hey I'm uploading once a month or month and a half a compilation of electronic stuff that gets recorded to tape
    if this is the kind of thing that would fit with what you have going on I'd be happy to send something
    I like what I was hearing from your last episode (11)
    I'll be listening to this awesome project thank you

  • it is @wednesday
    send some

  • i highly recommend this podcast!

  • Yes, @wednesdayayay. Send some.

    Thanks for all of the support, everyone.

    We managed to hit our goal of $666 six days into the campaign. Really an incredible amount of support. I thank you!