Help connecting any monome device to Ableton Live 9 - 256 & arc4

  • Hi! - there so many smart people in this community that I thought I'd reach out for help with some questions.

    Basically, I am trying to connect to Ableton Live 9 (has Max Live, btw) with my monome 256 and arc4 via different devices and programs, of course. Let's use one use case as it might help with others. Let's say I want to connect my arc 4 using this device:

    This is what I've done so far:

    - Done initial monome setup so serialosc is running in the background; Question: does Max Runtime need to be running in the background for all apps to work?

    - Downloaded LiveControl and put in the Midi device folder in Ableton. The program sees it.

    - Enabled IAC driver in OSX -- is this necessary? I have also added three ports for my three monome devices.

    - In Ableton, I have mapped out LiveControl with respective devices. My trouble is I don't know if I am checking the right boxes -- what should I have on/off for output/input?

    - Am I on the right track here? I have also tried doing all of this following the Pages tutorial but I couldn't get the program to work. I tried using the LiveOSC midi mapper in Ableton instead of LiveControl and got nothing.

    - One more note, I can get the 256 and arc4 to talk to Ableton via Mark Eats Sequencer and liiive.

    Any tips?

    Thanks in advance!