Has anyone set up markeats through smallbatch

  • I've got a couple clues from the dev toolkit, but can't really figure it out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • i don't think this will be possible unless markeats has explicitly added support for the 'broadcast' mode of serialosc. at present i think it's only max patches using the serialosc.maxpat that will be able to communicate to smallbatch.

    if devs are interested in adding support to other systems i can be of help in explaining the interface.

  • Thanks for the reply! @markeats Any thoughts?

  • hi guys,

    i'm not really familiar with smallbatch. is it using some kind of extension to the serialosc protocol that's handled in a replacement max patch? if that's the case it won't work with Sequencer i'm afraid hipkwy.

    roughly how does it work galapagoose?

  • when a new application is opened it sends a 'registration' message over OSC to smallbatch (or another routing app). smallbatch then sends a response to all currently open serialosc applications requesting the ports and prefix of the given application. the application also shifts it's OSC ports to new values so it communicates via smallbatch.

    smallbatch handles all of the splitting spanning, and acts like a virtual grid to the client application.

    obviously there's more to it, so shoot me a PM if you need / want more info, and i'll see what i can figure out.

  • Thx for the info! Sounds like it would take a bit of re-working to make this compatible but will keep in mind for future releases for sure.

  • @markeats that would be really cool! Especially since pages doesn't function with the 64bit Max 7. Also, are you still planning on midi/osc external control? Thank again for the kick ass apps you guys

  • midi/osc input is the next big feature that i started working on, honestly though it's kind of a big one so i can't promise it too soon, but it's definitely priority aside from small fixes :)