aleph midi out

  • there's info in the docs about controlling aleph with midi devices...but i couldnt find anything relevant about the opposite method of control. it'd be cool to have aleph "translating" control network changes/audio/cv into midi, triggering/sequencing a drum machine with grid, changing synth parameters with arc or the built-in encoders.

    i know there isnt a cc-out op yet
    but i still wanna try sending note + vel so i have a question:

    does midi-out pass thru the "device" or "host"?

    i only have one midi-to-usb converter so i want to make sure of what i'll need for these experiments

  • midi_out passes through HOST. it's designed for a 1x1 MIDI-to-USB converter which are designed to interface a computer (here the aleph) to hardware synths. you can do both in and out over the same converter simultaneously, just use an instance of each of the operators.

  • @galapagoose
    just to clarify...

    so...i could connect an iConnect box to the Host port on the aleph and have In/Out MIDI communication?

  • as long as the internal usb of the iConnect isn't some kind of hub, that seems to be the problem (from what I understand on another thread some devices 'act' like a hub even if they only have one usb port and the Aleph doesn't like this) so best to try before you buy

  • oh...

    well i already have an iConnect that i primarily use with the OP-1.

    it does have multiple USB connections and multiple MIDI In/ i guess it would be a Hub of sorts.
    guess i could try it anyhow.

    is there a Scene you could suggest @duncan_speakman that i could try it with?
    a Scene that receives clock?

    would like to slave the aleph to some other noiz gear!

  • just thought of something...

    would a Elektron TM-1 work?

    i do have one of those laying around as well!

  • after a very brief look at the TM-1 it looks like it should work fine - just plug it into the HOST input on the aleph and you should be in business.